Ragu of Garden Carrots

It’s SO simple!

1. Just add clean carrots cut into equal sizes to pot to boil, along with enough cold water to NOT QUITE cover carrots completely. (Use less water than normal, so the water evaporates.)

2. Cover pot, and cook on high til carrots start to boil.

3. Uncover pot, and keep on a rolling boil. When there’s about a half to one cup of water left, check for doneness. Carrots should be partially tender.

4. Add salt, olive oil, and butter to taste. I like to let the water evaporate almost completely, but it’s delicious if you don’t and will depend on doneness. (I’d rather have some water than a mushy veggie.) #priorities

5. You can add a tablespoon or two of honey and brown sugar, each, at the end while the heat’s on high to sweeten the carrots. Boom!

6. Don’t get hung up on measuring! That’s the quickest way to ruin a recipe. But for a mouth-watering, silky, fresh FLAVOR BLAST of carrots, or any veggie just about, try them this way. It’s my pure-veggie-flavor technique.

Ragu of Mixed Carrots with Honey
The rolling boil phase is the longest.
When I grow them, I don’t peel them; everything is so tender down to the end of the root!

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